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The leading Eccles SEO company

We’re 18 Growth, the number one Eccles SEO agency providing digital marketing services to Eccles for over two decades. We love Eccles, and we’re not just saying that, too. Speaking specifically about our experience with Eccles SEO for local Eccles businesses near you, we’ve worked with a variety such as coffee shops, gyms, personal trainers, dog groomers and more.

Enough about us though. Tell us about you, how did you find us? Was it through searching for any of the below at all?

  • Eccles SEO Agency
  • SEO agency in Eccles
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  • SEO company in Eccles?

If it was, we can breathe a sigh of relief, as that means that we’re showing you now, in real time (admittedly in a cheesy way) how to do Eccles SEO for your Eccles based business.

What does Eccles SEO involve?

It would be wrong for us to call ourselves Eccles SEO experts without telling you what we know when it comes to ACTUALLY getting your Eccles business to rank in Google and Eccles map listings for potential customers near you. So, on this page, you can read a full breakdown of the following Eccles SEO areas:

  • On-page Eccles SEO
  • Off-page Eccles SEO
  • Technical Eccles SEO

Eccles marketing agency FAQs

The URL, or ‘slug’, of your website and webpage is crucial for your Eccles business for a variety of Eccles SEO reasons. Most notably, it’s the ‘address’ that Google, and residents in and around Eccles near your business, will visit and crawl in order to index and rank it through your (or ours, preferably!) SEO efforts.

Now this is one of the most straight forward Eccles SEO areas. Content on your website allows Google to crawl and understand what you are actually aiming to rank for through your SEO efforts. This, alongside the obvious fact that Eccles residents will be reading the content if your SEO is done right, ultimately means it’s paramount to your Google rankings.

Metadata is one of the oldest and most profound SEO ranking factors to Google. Take a look at our title tag of this web page that says words like ‘SEO agency in Eccles’ and ‘Eccles SEO specialists’. They’re our main keywords for this page, so they’re in our title tag. Makes sense, right?

Google and Eccles SEO is actually a very simple thing. So, a user searches in Google with a keyword such as ‘Eccles SEO agency’ and then Google provides them with a page of websites it hopes the user wants to see. And, without keywords, there is no way for Google to decide which Eccles SEO company to show the user. Likewise, too, without the user inputting specific keywords, Google will not know that the user is indeed searching for SEO in Eccles!

Linking internally throughout your website allows you to turn your Eccles based business into a ‘web’ in the eyes of Google’s crawling robots. Through doing this in your SEO campaign, you are pointing signals through anchor links to key areas that you want Google to visit on your website.

Google’s clever, sure. It certainly has to be, to deal with Eccles SEO webmasters like ourselves. But, there’s one thing it doesn’t have: eyes. So, it can’t see the images of cute cats (or whatever) on your website. So, through optimising your image’s file name, file size and alt tag (also known as alt attribution), you can inform Google what your Eccles business is actually wanting to rank for.