Grand Daddy's Diner

From unknown to toe-to-toe with national burger joints.

Restaurant bookings generated daily through FB & IG ads at an average cost of £1.20 per reservation.

Alongside ranking 1st for ‘Burgers Manchester’.

SEO and Paid Social Ads for Grand Daddy's Diner

Ranking first for ‘Burgers Manchester’ above nationwide names.

Grand Daddy’s Diner, a family owned Manchester based burger diner approached 18 Growth after attempting to grow natural for five years.

However, in that time, they saw their business stagnate, and competitors with incredibly high media budgets and in-house marketing teams overtake them and leave them in their shadow.

We were hired to push their offline-reputation — of having some of the best burgers in the city — online.

In just six months, 18 Growth had taken Grand Daddy’s Diner, a previously unknown website to Google, to ranking first above all competition in maps for their key terms such as ‘Burgers Manchester’.


  • Ranking first for location terms and main keywords, above national competition.
  • Generating restaurant bookings of parties between four and 12 for an average cost of £1.20 per reservation.
  • Organic website traffic increased by 300%
  • Social media engagements increased by 2000%